Nikki Pierce



When we got married I was broke.
Portions of the honeymoon were spent on the phone with the bank, pleading them to drop overdraft fees.
This is a loser’s recollection of the most important day of his life.
Complete with Casio piano and sloppy brush drumming.

The title is a play on the word “aisle”, as well as a nod to McCartney’s “I Will”.

Artwork by Michael McGinley
Wedding Invitation
2010. Ink on paper. 8” x 11”
Micheal McGinley

Women Bashing Has to Stop! I’m crying!

I’m a little upset. I’m upset that a comedian slammed an entire group of women, yet claimed to be a feminist. I’m upset the burlesque dancer retaliated with anger, and slammed comics in the process. The worlds are very similar, whether it’s comfortable for anyone to admit that or not. Confident women with a strong voice, putting themselves out in front of strangers, taking time to construct a choreographed piece and costume, finely tune every single joke to make the perfect set of jokes, for people to see and judge? It’s not easy on either side.

Women fighting and bashing other women is anti-feminist. If dancing’s not your thing, I get it. A lot of people have problems with the art form. A lot of people haven’t seen it, either. If you have seen it, and it makes you uncomfortable, I get it. It’s not for everyone. The same can be said about comedy. The same can be said about food. The same can be said about modes of transportation. There’s no reason to be hateful. My PawPaw always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all.”

Unfortunately, I would’ve really loved her routine if she hadn’t used it to bash an entire group of women. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, and I’m confident her piece would’ve gotten great response on a burlesque stage - from performers and audience alike.

There are several burlesque dancers that have degrees, and several comedians who do not. The reverse is true as well. That was a sweeping generalization, and really insulting.

My heart hurts. My eyes are watery. Go hug a sister.

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